17 Well-Known Facebook Ads Placements

Why is Facebook free?

One word: Ads. 

They’re all over the place. 

Well, not literally. But, it’s not that far off. 

These days, you don’t even have to be on Facebook in order to see a “Facebook” ad. 

More about that later. 

As you might’ve guessed from the title of this post, we will be talking about the different Facebook Ads Placements that exist.

This list is current as of Feb. 2020 and it is by no means definitive. Facebook is well-known for changing things at a drop of a hat.

I’ll do my best to keep this list updated, but I can’t make any guarantees. 

When in doubt, you can always go straight to the source i.e. the official Facebook website for more information about their ad placements. 

So with that being said, let’s dive in.

Feeds - Facebook Ads Placements

Feed ads have some of the highest visibility on Facebook. 

There are also more feed ads than any other type. 

These are the types of ads you see while scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.

Here are the various placements:

Facebook News Feed

facebook ads placements

If you scroll through your news feed long enough, you’re bound to come across an ad or 2. Facebook’s goal is to strike the right balance between promotional and organic posts in the news feed so that it pleases both the casual user and the advertiser.

Note: Confused about running Facebook Ads? Check out this exclusive Facebook Ads Guide.

Instagram Feed 

facebook ads placements - ig feed

Much like Facebook, you’ll come across an ad in your feed if you scroll for long enough. These ads appear front and center on a person’s mobile screen and are suitable for both image and video ads.

Facebook Marketplace 

facebook ads placements - facebook marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is one of the best place to show your ads. Why? The people that are within the marketplace are likely to be in a buying mindset. All it takes is showing the right offer to the right person and you could be looking at a nice payday.

Facebook Video Feeds

Facebook Right Column

There are some things that you notice at the corner of your eye. The Right Column is great for staying top-of-mind with your audience and works great for re-targeting people who visited your site. 

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Instagram Explore

Instagram’s Explore Tab is great for discovering new content on the platform. Posts that end up here often get high visibility and for a while, it was only accessible to organic posts. Now, you can run your ad in this high-traffic area and get yourself a ton of eyeballs on your offer.

Messenger Inbox

1.3 billion people use Messenger every month. It has become a successful platform in its own right, behind Facebook, and it’s projected to grow in the coming years. This means that there are countless opportunities for your message (no pun intended) to get seen by your target market.

Stories - Facebook Ads Placements

In September 2018, Facebook made Stories ads available to all advertisers. 

At the time, over 300 million people were using Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories every day. That number is probably much higher now. 

What’s unique about Stories is the fact that they fully immerse you when you’re looking at them. 

When designed properly, they take up the entire space of your screen so you have no choice but to look at it. 

There are 3 Stories ad placements: Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Messenger Stories.

Audience Network - Facebook Ads Placements

The Audience Network was officially launched back in April 2014. It is Facebook’s version of the Google Display Network or GDN for short. 

To put it simply, The Audience Network is a collection of websites and apps that display Facebook Ads. 

Using this placement allows you to extend your reach outside of Facebook while still leveraging their ad platform. 

You can use the same targeting as other placements, including Custom Audiences, Core Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. 

There are 6 creative formats for Audience Network ads: 


In-Stream Video



Native Banner

Native Banner ads are made up of the following components: 

  1. Ad Options View
  2. Sponsored Label
  3. Ad Icon
  4. Ad Title
  5. Social Context
  6. Call-to-Action button

Misc. Ad Placements - Facebook Ads Placements

Here are a few more placements that don’t fit neatly into one category:

Instant Articles

In-Stream Video

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