5 Facebook Business Tools To Help You Promote Online

Facebook loves businesses. 

It’s true. 

Think about it. 

The majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising. And businesses tend to spend a lot on ads. 

Back in 2019, Facebook generated almost $70 billion in revenue from advertising alone. 

Businesses spend money on Facebook Ads because they expect to get a return on their revenue. 

And if you do it properly, it would be logical to assume that. 

In addition, there are a  variety of Facebook business tools at your disposal to help with your advertising efforts. 

There are much more than the ones I’ve listed, but these 5 are absolutely essential for business owners who want to be profitable with Facebook Ads. 

Click here for a general overview of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Business Tools #1: The Ads Manager

facebook business tools - ads manager

The Ads Manager is by far, one of my favorite tools. 

It only seemed right to have it first on the list. 

The Ads Manager gives you maximum control over structuring and optimizing your Facebook ads. It’s not necessary to use it, but there are some advantages worth considering. 

Some people might be tempted to use the “Boost Post” option on Facebook. And it can be appropriate in certain situations.

For instance, you might have an organic post that’s doing exceptionally well. Rather than going through the trouble of setting it up in the Ads Manager, you can hit “Boost Post” for a streamlined setup.

I’ll also be dropping a future post on how to boost a post on Facebook.

But, if you’re looking to get “down and dirty” and build your campaign from the ground up, then the Ads Manager has just what you need. 

You can create multiple ad sets to target different audiences, test multiple ads, and get deep insights into your campaign performance.

It can seem a little overwhelming at first but think about it like riding a bike. It starts off being uncomfortable, but you start to get the hang of it as you keep doing it.

For more information, check out Facebook's official post on the Ads Manager.

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Facebook Business Tools #2: Creator Studio

Facebook is not playing games when it comes to content. 

To help creators manage their content across Facebook and Instagram, they created a central platform to keep everything in one place. 

You can track performance, manage interactions, and streamline publishing all from one place. 

This tool has been a godsend for many creators because they can manage all of their accounts from the comfort of their desktop. For example, you can upload Instagram posts and IGTV videos straight from Creator Studio. You’re no longer forced to upload your videos from the mobile app.

You can even schedule your posts so that they appear on your profile at a certain time. 

If your Facebook Page is eligible, you can activate in-stream ads to show ads on your videos. Depending on the size of your audience, this could be a significant income stream. 

To sum it all up, Facebook says that the Creator Studio “brings together all of the tools you need, simplifying the process of building and managing your video business.”

Facebook Business Tools #3: Facebook Analytics

Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured gets improved. What gets measured and recorded improves exponentially.”

When you harness the power of Facebook Analytics, you are both measuring and recording the actions that people take on your Facebook Page, website, and more. This allows you to make data-driven decisions that will help increase your bottomline. 

Their analytics tool is built on the insights of their 2 billion-person community which gives them a unique perspective on how people operate and behave. 

Facebook Analytics is packed with a variety of features to help you understand how people interact with your business. For example, there’s the overlap report where you can see the number of people who interact with both your Facebook Page and website. 

There are also automated insights which get surfaced automatically by Facebook. They do this by using machine learning to analyze and monitor your data, which helps save you time and gives you the ability to make an informed decision quickly. 

Facebook Business Tools #4: Creative Hub

Got an idea for an ad?

You have two options: You can create a draft in the Ads Manager, which requires building out an entire campaign from scratch, or create a single ad mockup in the Creative Hub. 

Unless you love doing more work than necessary, the second option is the best way to go. 

In addition, you can collaborate with other people in your company through the Creative Hub. You can brainstorm and put different ads together before you decide to create a campaign in the Ads Manager. 

After you finish creating the mockup, you can check to see how it looks across different placements. Once you’re satisfied with the final product, you can import the ad into one of your campaigns in the Ads Manager.

Facebook Business Tools #5: Events Manager

After you add your Facebook pixel to your website, you can start seeing pixel event data in the Events Manager. 

The most basic pixel event is the “Page View” event. This event occurs anytime someone loads a page on your website.  Facebook has a robust set of Standard Events to add on your website such as “add payment info”, “add to cart”, “purchase”, and more. 

You can also create custom events to track specific actions taken on your website, that’s not covered by Facebook’s Standard Events. 

In addition to Pixel events, you can also track offline events and app events from the Events Manager.

Get Your Free PDF!

Download this article for offline reading! Plus, get instant access to 3 additional tools that are only in the PDF!

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